Ellen Never Expected This To Welcome Her When She Returned To Her Car. What A Prank By Matt Lauer!

When we start listing the top queens of prank wars, I’m pretty Ellen DeGeneres’ name will not miss on the list. That said, rarely can you expect someone like Ellen to get fooled by another person; that’s what makes this clip so funny. She had parked her car as usual and went on with her daily activities and got a shock of her life when she came for it at the end of the day.

She never expected that Matt Lauer had a surprise for her. She feels floored by Matt’s act and the TV host whom we have always thought cannot be flustered, stood there admitting defeat. All she does is to promise revenge and wonder how Matt managed to get into her car. Surely, I can’t wait to see the kind of revenge she has in store for Matt. He better be careful, because we know what Ellen is capable of.

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