Enormous Tide Created By Falling Iceberg Shocks Couple On Holiday!

Vacations are the best thing one can have. While on them, the last thing that you will ever want to see is an enormous tide approaching your direction. A couple that was having some fantastic time at a coast of Newfoundland, Canada were terrified when an iceberg broke causing a tide to develop towards them.

Reports from CBC News say that they were local residents that was on a holiday at the Bay of Exploits, when the iceberg broke, causing very huge waves to hit their boat. Wanda Stead, a local resident told CBC News that she thought her heart would come out from the huge tide that was approaching them.

Wanda’s husband accelerated the boat to a far place where they would be safe and able to watch back at the enormous wave breaking apart.

What tends to make a lot of people frightened is the loud sound that the waves make when they are breaking apart. Watch the video below to see how big the wave was. Imagine what is visible in the clip is the peak of the tide and we cannot tell how far it is extending underwater.

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Newfoundland iceberg breaks, stirs up huge waves“Get off the beach!” http://cbc.sh/69y178

Posted by CBC News on jeudi 6 août 2015

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