Even Simon Couldn’t Hold Back The Shock. Their New Style Is Unbelievable!

Professional mentalists, Thommy Ten and Amelie, are known for winning the World Champions of Mentalism award. The duo is also performers commonly known as Clairvoyants. The performers this year took the world on a blaze after they performed at the America’s Got Talent. They are still in the competition hoping to take home the award for season 11.

The duo recently moved to the next round of the show but with a new style. They swore to have the judges think their way. They started by asking them one by one, to pick a jelly bean to eat.

While facing backward, Amelie predicts that Heldi Klum chose a pink jelly bean, and Mel B scoops 22 jelly beans. The exciting part of it all, when they remove the mysterious chalkboard that has been on the stage from the time they started. I won’t say it for now.

Simon reacts in the most astonishing way saying they are strangers from a different world. He continues to say he has never come across what they did, and they are amazing.

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