Even The Doctors Said He Wouldn’t Survive, But Then This Happened. Awesome!

As much we would all like to believe what the doctors say, it’s also okay to believe in the fact that nobody is perfect. You just need to watch this video and get this story to get the point. It’s just amazing!

Mary Gundrum and Mark are couples, and they were expecting a baby when a scan revealed the worst news any potential parent can ever face. Dominic’s brain wasn’t really growing inside his head, and that made chances of him surviving at birth very slim. The couple was shattered to the heart, but then there was another thing coming!

Instead of just giving up and waiting for their kid to die when he was born, Mary and Mark decided to try their hand at another hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital. Turns out, the doctors at that hospital were very qualified in such cases. They had actually handled some of such situations in the past. They assured the couple that everything would be okay after a surgery, and it surely was!

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