Ever Imagined Playing With A Polar Bear? This Man Did It Successfully!

What would be your reaction if a bear followed every move you made? Would you be terrified or entertained? I am sure most people would be scared especially if the bear kept track of all their moves.

However, it is unusual for the polar bear to imitate your moves in the zoo. It is also uncommon for the polar bear to play with humans, though.

A group of friends decided to visit Rotterdam Zoo, in The Netherlands. One of the tourists realized that the bear was mimicking his movements and decided to have some fun.

Unlike most adults and kids who ignore zoo animals, the man appeared to enjoy playing with the bears. The smaller bear copies the movies made by the man. When he ducks, the bear dives under him. The bear enjoys every moment of the game. Fizzle has found a new friend. It is the cutest thing you will ever see. Watch the video below to see how Fizzle and his new found friend play along. It is wonderful to watch animals and humans interacting peacefully.

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