Ever Known A Painful Third Eye On The Fashion Industry Existed? Now You Know!

In the light of the 21st century, the fashion industry has taken its turn in the limelight of teenage living. Swiping cards for those branded clothing ranging from something as small as a bikini to a full-length dress is just as impulsive as taking a stroll down the park. In every store that we go to, have we ever considered the time and labor and even cost of each item we buy? Have we ever put into mind the faces behind the hands that made them? How far can we go when faced with the reality behind that branded cardigan you were so willing to pay so much for? Will you be able to deal with it in comfort?

“Sweatshop” is a Norwegian reality TV show that brought three young Norwegians to the home of branded clothing factories in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. These fashion aficionados got to live and experience the life of a textile factory worker. Having witnessed and gone through the lives of these workers, especially with their guide and host, Sokty, they came to realize the intensity of working in the fashion industry. Working for long hours in a week only earned him about $150 a month, which is five times lesser than how fashion blogger, Anniken, spends on clothing in a month. Whereby, she said in a comment in one of the episodes, “What kind of life is this? I can’t take it anymore.”

This raised a red flag in the minds of not only these youth, but to any audience to this matter. Being an impulsive shopper or letting your hand loose on swiping that card for the latest fashion trend is not as important as the blood and sweat poured into each of those clothing. In light of these series, you can watch them on the After Posten Website. Here is a short clip about this perspective changing series on the fashion industry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure the  “CC” (closed captioning) is turned ON to view the English subtitles.

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