Ever Listened To Music That Made You Realize Your Whole Life Was A Lie? Try Gabriella

It is not every day that an upcoming musician or someone who is not the original singer does justice to a musical piece done by another artist. While listening to this piece of art by the original singer I was like no one can do it better than the Eagles’. ‘Hotel California’ is one just that magical piece performed by The Eagles and you dare any other artist to play with such a treasure.

Sure enough, I decided to try it by listening to other artists perform it and Gabriella Quevado surprised me! This finesse is one of the people who got what it takes to make music a melody to the ears and not just make beats that don’t make sense.

You are probably wondering what makes her so different while other artists can do the piece as well, she manages to fix an entire band’s music by using just one guitar. The one woman guitarist has her way around the guitar where she makes sure to touch the bass line, the percussive rhythms’ and back up melodies. Her vocal melodies are also well complemented by her guitar skills.

You have to admit it is quite impressive that a guitarist can make a band’s piece so impressive.

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