Ever Seen A 16 Year Old Build A Home? This Is Amazing!

Currently, teenagers are concerned about the comments they post on Facebook, crushes, bullying and computer games. This is not the case with Austin Hay who is sixteen years old. He started thinking about mortgage payments that he would be paying in the future and as a result he started building his home. This boy had watched his father reconstruct their home which had burnt down some time back. Having acquired the knowledge from the shop class (at high school), he started building a tiny house which was 130 square feet. He used the money he had made from his summer employment for this construction.

This is totally awesome. When this kid was asked if someone can build his own home, he automatically replied yes without giving it a second thought. According to Hay, he says that one should put his or her mind to it. He also suggests that many people are scared of it and cannot build up their home. He sums it all as hard work.

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