Ever Seen A Mama Tiger Give Birth? This Captivating Footage Will Thrill You!

How many wild animals have you ever seem give birth to their young ones? It is not an everyday thing that you get to witness. Seeing a cab being delivered is one of the few things that we always wish to see happen but never do. That is because animals like tigers and cheetah deliver their cabs deep in the bush to protect them from predators. We also cannot predict where that will happen so that we can install cameras beforehand. However, with many animals these days being given a safe habitat in zoos, it is becoming easier to see these rare events.

In the video below, we see a mother tiger struggle to give birth to a baby tiger. When the cub finally is born, the cub seems to be lifeless and it does not show any breathing signs. The zoo keeper is about to intervene so as to save its life. However, mother tiger manages to revive her cub and all those who were watching ere relived. Next is its twin cab that is on the way, watch to learn what happened next.

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