Ever Seen A Sculpture Made From Something Else Other Than Plaster? Be Ready For A Surprise!

They say practice makes perfect and Li Hongbo, a Chinese fashionable artist, can be a witness. For years, he has been trying to perfect his artistry of making sculptures from papers. For a long time, his work recorded in videos has gained popularity. Actually, when you look at his sculptures, you may think that he used plaster but surprisingly enough, they ate made of very thin sheets of paper.

He manages to create the sculptures of humans and other things by simply arranging thousands of thin sheet papers then transforming them into statues. The amazing thing is that when you pull the statues from the ends, they seem to expand as if they are made from elastic materials. Just to brief you is that one sculpture can take a period of 5 months to end.

If you are interested in taking a look at Hongbo’s sculptures, you can find them in exhibition at the Klein Sun Gallery in New York. Amy, a worker at the gallery revealed that the sculptures are really heavy pieces.

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