Ever Seen Dolphins Play As They Surf? Be Ready To Witness Something Magical!

Among the most intelligent creatures, dolphins are part of them. I hope you remember the story of a young boy who had a very close connection with the dolphins. The dolphin could recognize and differentiate him from the other people just because he showed some concern towards the ailing dolphin. The video showed how dolphins are clever- they can recognize an individual who does something good for them.

Apart from being one of the most intelligent creatures on earth, dolphins are also playful, and they love bodysurfing! They are very social, and they often travel in pods that comprises of a dozen or more dolphins. You will also be surprised to know that they do not always surf alone. Instead, they surf in groups.

In this video, we meet the wildlife filmmakers Dave Riggs and Jennene. The two captured an incredible aerial footage that shows how the bottlenose dolphins enjoy surfing. This footage was captured along the coast of southwestern Australia- Esperance. These dolphins seem to be having a great time as they play and swim in the turquoise waters. What a beautiful view!

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