Ever Seen Magical Tricks Performed With An iPad? Get Shocked With This One!

Meet Simon Pierro, a magician who only uses iPads to perform his tricks. From the time he was young, he always liked magic, until one occasion made him try it. Formerly, he used to live in Germany. Upon relocating to the New York, a magician fooled him out with his only $20 note. This made him to come up with his own tricks.

Pierro is a graduate and possess a degree in engineering and business administration. His studies and what he does now looks ironical, but has quickly learnt a cool way of entertaining people. His studies have given him the ability to use technology in his magic. They consider him to be the leading iPad magician, who comes up with apps that he uses in his magic. It’s fascinating to observe how intertwines his technical tricks with physical objects. In the video below, he performs his trick at an Ellen Show. He shoots a bird from an iPad, which made the constructor of the game to call him the approved magician of Angry Birds.

In 2002, the Magic Circle of Germany considered him to be the Magician of the Year. Afterwards, he won the World championship of Magic, to become the first German to do so. In 2004, he won all the magicians at Siegfried and Roy competition which was held in Las Vegas. He has also been invited to many TV shows.

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