Ever Watched A Storm And Observed A Lightening Striking Just Close By? It’s Amazing. Watch!

We have all at one time or another experienced storm waters cause havoc. However, there are a few time we have watched lightening strike, some away in the distance. We have also heard of people being stricken by lightening, and some dying on the spot. Some have mysteriously survived to tell the story. I know of someone who survived a lightning strike.

His clothes vanished and he was only left with his shoes on. His whole skin turned black from the soot. Lucky for him, the lightening must have struck right next to him, so the effects must have been caused by the high temperature around that spot. Anyway, that is a story for another day.

The power of nature cannot be matched by any human invention; it is all so powerful and scary at the same time. In the video below, the guy presents us an amazing video of the lightening strike in slow motion. It is the most amazing thing that you have ever seen. Nature has big surprises for us to say the list.

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