Every Day, When He Does This, People Stop Their Businesses And Come To Him. I Just Love This!

There’s this lovely neighborhood that doesn’t skip a day without stopping for about 2 minutes, and you’ll be amazed when you get to know why they do it.

It’s been two years now since this cool musician decided to start doing this, and he’s never stopped. Every sunset, he plays the same song of 24 notes while at his balcony, and everyone in the neighborhood always feels it with great emotion.

This man has decided to do this as a tribute to his great country and the troops that protect it. He puts all his heart in doing what he takes as a noble duty, and he does it so well that every time the tune floats in the air, everything jumps from normal to patriotic.

Watching this video of him doing it, it feels like the clocks stop when he starts his sacred duty, and even the neighbors stop everything they’re doing and come over to listen to his great performance. It’s just so beautiful!

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