Every Skater Will Love To Have A Go At This Beautiful Scenery – It’s Simply Awesome!

When Bradley Friesen was invited by a friend to accompany her to an adventure, she never knew what she was getting into. But when she looks back, she never regrets starting the whole idea in the first place.

The adventure needed her to take along some ice skates – and at least her long forgotten pair of ice skates found some work. Though she was good at skating, she was not good enough to be considered an Olympic professional, and the adventure arrived at the best moment since he had missed it for 4 years.

Her friend happens to be an expert helicopter pilot and has a YouTube page with many followers. He has impressive control skills despite loving to fly low and fast. After flying over some beautiful mountains and enjoying the underneath scenery, they landed after spotting an appropriate spot.

Once they were out of the helicopter, she put on the skates and started touring around the beautiful scenery. So as to remember the wonderful encounter, she filmed everything and luckily she shared everything with us in the clip below.

Please watch the incredible clip below and let us know whether you will you love to experience a similar thing in your life?

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