Everyone In The Park Was Left Surprised When The Groomsmen And The Groom Did This…

Recently, we’ve noticed a number of trends take most online platforms by storm. Choreographed wedding dances are one of such trends.

There are a number of ways of ensuring your wedding is lively and the video below features one of those ways. There are couples who could prefer to be the first ones to take the stage and thereafter be joined by other dancers and there are those who love dancers to be the first ones on the stage and join them after a while. Some of these routines have to be rehearsed so as to ensure those who attend the wedding are given the right kind of entertainment.

The clip below was masterminded by Austin Heywood and every minute of it is worth watching. The routine features “Now That We Found Love,” a single which was done back in 1991 by the Boyz & Heavy D (though the O’Jays did the original.) They had to recreate the choreography of the video to introduce their own kind of flair and it’s a job well done. I believe watching the clip will tell the entire story since not everything has been explained within this text.

Brandon had the intention of giving Lenzie Quist, his bride the best gift when he came up with the dance. To ensure they perfected the skills, they took a full week practicing.

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