Everyone Was Tense Until He Stood Up And Addressed Them. What He Said? Amazing!

Graduates were looking forward to a smooth ceremony in front of them when an emergency came up. It was a medical emergency in the high school graduation ceremony that made everyone to be very tense as everyone waited silently not knowing what was going to happen next.

Only murmurs could be heard from the gathering until one student was seen approaching the microphone. When the principal noted that, he feared the worst since he never knew how a student could have reacted in such a situation. After looking closer, he noted the student was none other than Christina Crawford. Everyone knew Crawford for his excellent oratory abilities, good attitude and respectful demeanor and that made the principal to be a bit relaxed.

What the young man went ahead and said to his fellow students will leave you clapping. It’s easy to understand why the clip took a short time to go viral. He simply maintained his humbleness as he uttered the right words at the right occasion.

His actions have made him to be invited by the Alabama legislature to give the opening prayer. I believe this is a young man with a great future in front of him.

His strong message can be heard in the video below. Please watch and SHARE with everyone!

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