Exhausted waiter expecting 4th child struggles through shift – sees note on student’s bill and stare in disbelief at tip

Servers have one of the most toughest jobs, they have to work hard serving every customer while remaining calm and welcoming. The stress and fatigue can be unbearable since they have to stand on their feet for hours. Tipping them the expected rate is the least thing we can do for them as the pay for this kind of work is not enough high.

David Fabila is one of these hardworking people. He knows exactly the daily struggle, he arrives every evening for his night shift at a California wine bar. On one busy Friday evening and while he was running to manage a big area with guests poring in, a big party shows up and changes the course of his night in an unforgettable way.

David was working the outside patio section of the wine bar all by himself; it was the place where everyone wanted to be and so he had a constant stream of people to serve.


David who is a father of three children told his coworkers that he was having a tough night, he had just came from  his other job and he was extremely tired.

One of the customers that night, was college student Steffen Berr, he sat down with a group of friends in the section where David was managing. Steffen remarked how much hard David was working to serve many people. David was so busy doing his job and Steffen didn’t find the chance to talk to him

Then David went to close out Steffan’s tab, he found a note written at the top of the receipt.

“We’re young, but we’re worth serving,” it read.

The bill was $191.35. Then David saw the tip — it matched the total. With the $191.35 tip, the young man had just paid a total of more than $300.


David didn’t believe that Stefan had filled everything out correctly and checked the numbers over again.

“Unless you work in the service industry, you don’t really understand how much tips mean to a server, to a bartender,” David told CBS.

“I’ve been in his shoes before too, I used to work as a waiter in a diner in Texas, so I decided to show him what he did is appreciated,” said Steffen.

Kind-hearted Steffan didn’t know David works two jobs and has three children with a fourth on the way.

“I’m in a position where I have the resources and luck to do this so why not just go for it, I’m really glad I did it he really needed that money more than I did,” Steffan said.

Find out more about this story of generosity and fortune in the video below. It will warm your heart.

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