Expecting Couple Keeps Those Around Them Guessing… What A Surprise!

When parents are expecting a child, they may decide to know the baby’s gender in advance or not. A number of them prefer it to be a surprise until the child is born and that’s exactly what the couple you’re meeting in this video did. They knew their family and friends could want to know but kept them waiting until the child’s birthday. When that day arrived, they surprised everyone since they had twins.

Family and friends who visited them at the hospital were thrilled and stunned to find them with two babies. It requires more than being secretive to hide such a secret from those who are close to you and this couple deserves some credit. I believe it’s more exciting when people learn about the child’s gender during birth. For instance, the twins in this story have something unique which many people will remember them for.

Do you think it’s better for parents to keep their baby’s gender a secret until the material day? How will you have reacted if you were one of the family members to be surprised by the couple? Kindly comment below for us to know your thoughts!

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