Experiment Proves That One Can’t Text While Driving. You Surely Need This!

A research conducted by the CDC revealed very astonishing results. It revealed that accidents that are committed by distracted drivers result in about 1,153 people with injuries while other nine lose their lives. Yearly, there are more than 1.2 million accidents that occur worldwide, and to curb them, there is a need for some action to be taken. The big question lies in how to tell the drivers not to be texting while driving. In the video below, we see student drivers reacting when they are informed that in order to get their license, they should drive while texting.

A driving school and a driving tutor was registered by a Belgian organization by the name of Responsible Young Drivers. Its aim was to carry out some experiment that soon became very popular in a short time. Cameras were hidden at vehicles where the students were supposed to drive while texting. The outcome of the experiment indicated that when texting while driving, you get to panic since you need to brake, swerve and sway.

In one of the cases, a student was asked to imagine if that was a little kid crossing. What is your opinion? Let us know and please SHARE this story to all family and friends to reduce accidents on our roads!

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