Famous Cook Gets This Contestant Sentimental During A Competition! A Must Watch!

If you have ever had a chance of watching an episode by the name Master Chef, then you are aware of how Gordon Ramsay can be hard on the competitors.

Ramsay who says that a good cook can be known simply by the way he/she prepares a scrambled egg, is known for his ruthless decency. He never fears anyone. Although a tough man, he has his tender side, and it’s a lovely sight to witness. Who can’t recall the time he aided a competitor of 12 years after she started wailing on Master Chef Junior?
In the video below, he also went soft on another participant, who had allowed self-doubt to rule her. The master chef totally shocked one participant named Christine when she had thought that she was unable to prepare an apple pie.

Apart from Ramsay praising her skill in the apple pie preparation, the popular TV man also motivated her with sweet words. The participant totally became sentimental at the 1:43 mark when Ramsay told her something. When he was comforting Christine, other participants got emotional too!

About the taste of the prepared apple pie, he commented it to be wonderful and tasty.

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