Fans Shed Tears When Celtic Thunder Sings “Hallelujah” In Their Own Version! What A Talent!

“Hallelujah,” is a song that if many are asked if they have heard it, their response will be yes, and over a hundred times. But I promise you that when you hear this version, it will sound different from the rest that you are familiar with!

Many artists have sang this song in different versions and it’s really hard to name all of them. Of all the wonderful songs that were ever written, this is one of them as it gets better and better every day. Another characteristic of this song is that it can be sang in different languages.

Meet Celtic Thunder who are singing the song in their version, in the video below. Even if you are or not a fanatic of Irish music, this group that resides in Dublin will surely amaze you when they sing “Hallelujah.” This band is of -6 singers who are famous in the acting world and have done presentations all over the world.

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