Father Tells His Daughter To Sing A Song, Not Knowing That THIS Will Happen… Amazing!

Do you believe that there are people who are born talented?  I never used to believe it until I saw the clip below. Meet Claire who is three years old, but for her, age is nothing as she can sing like a real professional who has been in the music industry for a long time. Apart from singing at a very tender age, this little girl is never afraid to pose before the camera.

Maybe her talent is genetic because her father is a music producer and has a studio at home which he records the songs. On this day, her father asked her if she would record her favorite song of which she nodded with a yes. Without any hesitation, she stood up and started singing the Disney classic “Part Of Your World”

The dad edits the recording and adds some scene shots to it. Some of them are when Claire is riding on her dad’s shoulders, cuddling on the sofa while in her Ariel pajamas. When the father posted the video on YouTube, it became popular in a very short time with more than 500, 000 views!

It is without doubt that this little girl will go places if she keeps on with her singing. We hope that her dad will keep updating us on her musical career.

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