Father Transforms The Basement Into A Craft Room For Wife And Daughter!

Silvia is a mother to one daughter. Both of them love being creative by making crafts but they reside in a home that has no sufficient room for them to make crafts. Things changed for them in 2014, when they visited their family for some weeks and left the father at Utah. While they were away, the father thought of surprising them when they return.

It took about 20 days to convert the basement of their house to something really new and creative. The basement was renovated and became a craft room that the two had wished to have for a long time. Revealing, Andrew wrote on YouTube saying that it was a very tedious job, but he managed to do it all night long because they were away. The transformation included painted walls, above lighting, big closet storage, and hand-built crafting tables. In the clip below, you will see the whole process that Andrew did.

Currently, the family makes use of the craft room to make their handmade items. The mother and daughter have also began selling their work at Etsy.

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