Finally, An Abandoned Baby Orangutan Lives The Dream. It’s Comforting!

If you’re going to keep a pet, just make sure you know what you’re doing. How do you keep a pet and then fail to feed them properly? It’s not fair. The story of this poor Orangutan will touch your very soul!

Budi was kept as a pet in Kubing, Keptang, in Indonesia. However, his owner had no idea about what kind of diet the good animal should eat. She only fed him on milk. For years! Budi became weak and malnourished. By the time the rescue guys came for him, he couldn’t move a limp. He even felt pain and cried a lot when touched. That’s so saddening!

However, veterinarians Jaclyn and Karmele managed to take him to a safe place, unlike the chicken cage he was confined, and care for him. They would sooth him when he cried out in pain. They were his family and friends. They still are, and he’s doing well.

The owner had handed him over when she realized he was doing very badly. After some time under the veterinarians’ care, Budi could sit up by himself. We just hope that his condition can be reversed so he can live a normal life.

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