Fired-Up Son And Mother Shock All During An Unbelievable Dance Medley

Age does not determine a person’s love for dancing. That said, there is that special song when it starts playing, you feel like standing up and trying some moves. I believe that is something we have seen happen from time to time.

One of the occasions which provides people with a platform to dance is a wedding.During such an event, even shy people will get on their feet and surprise the onlookers. In any case, it is a day when people are supposed to enjoy to the fullest. That is what you are about to experience in the mother-son dance in the clip below.

Susan and her son Gabe Helguera were fired up for the occasion. When the crowd watched the groom and his mother take the stage and dance slowly, they never expected things will get serious moments later. It seems the accelerating music was activating them and they killed it of when “Billie Jean,” a song done by Michael Jackson started playing. Though Susan might not be conversant with some of the recent hits they danced to, she never disappointed during the event. Later, Gabe revealed that It was his mother’s idea to include the dance medley.

It is a dancing routine which you will enjoy to watch from the start to end. I liked it most when the groom pulled off a surprise move midway.

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