Five Soldiers Open Their Mouths To Sing “Coming Home,” How They Do It? Wonderful!

By the time you finish watching this video; you will be filled with pride, respect and love to the soldiers and to our nation too. For anyone who knows what being a soldier means, uttering the words of this song “Coming Home” really means a lot.

The words of the song are not only loyal and motivating and that makes listening to the soldiers who are singing this song worth it. The wonderful thing in the video, is that three of the serving soldiers of the British Army, are singing while standing majestically alongside two soldiers of the US Army. Richard Scarlett, an Army Sergeant and Tyrone Basnight, a Staff Sergeant, clearly pour out to us, how talented these two warriors are.

Sincerely speaking, it’s videos like these that make us truly realize how these brave men and women in the forces sacrifice their lives in order to see us free and safe. Apart from the due respect that they deserve, we pray for all of them to hear these magical words of the song that say “Welcome Home.”

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