Freed Elephants Finally Breath In Freedom. The Moment Is Emotional!

A simple mention of Carol Buckley may seem insignificant in a world inhabited by 7 billion people, but that’s until you find out just how important that name is. You want to know!

Just like the person’s name, a mention of Elephant Aid International may also sound overrated, but you’ll get the whole point when you find out about the connection between the two names. It’s like a blessing!

Elephant Aid International was founded by Carol Buckley with the main mission of helping captured elephants live a normal life. Carol has a 40-year experience and expertise in this field, and she’s committed to making sure that these animals get the best.  Her organization has implemented a nice and very effective educational program to help the elephants recover and overcome trauma. So far, it’s working!

Watch the video here and see how Carol works with the huge animals. From the look of it, these great creatures are happy to have her around. They’re grateful to finally be free of the chains of captivity. Let’s just hope that they learn well. Cool!

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