Frightened Foal Turns Joyful When This Is Done To Her Distressed Mother… WOW!

It has always been my pleasure to live at some place where you can see wild horses running around freely, unlike here in New York where there rarely exists these beautiful creatures.

In the following video, recorded in Gower, South Wales, you can see that in many places of Europe, there are plenty of horses running freely. The only disadvantage to this is that, when these animals get sick or in trouble out there, in very rare occasions will the humans be present to save them.

Though the number of horse rescues that we have witnessed in the past is many, the rescue mission that is performed on the following video is totally unique from the rest. Heroes from RSPCA U.K. (Royal Society of Preservation of Cruelty to Animals), the oldest welfare charity in the world are seen stumbling on a sweet white horse and her young foal. The video portrays as the foal makes numerous runs while frightened because his mother’s back leg had been caught up in her mane, making her to go down on the ground.

Later, upon his mum’s rescue, the foal is seen jumping around while running in circles in absolute joy. This must be the sweetest time for both the mare and her foal! Please SHARE this video with all your friends on Facebook!


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