German Man Gets A Living By Preforming “Hello” By Lionel Richie. What A Voice To Listen To!

Life has never been soft for Hubertus von Garnier of Germany. He has been struggling for a living for all his life.

Hubertus is a talented musician who always sang in the streets to let everyone hear his voice. This went on until 2009, when he came to know of the German talent show. This made him have hope in life to turn his dream into a reality.

His hopes never lasted for long as his financial supporters abandoned him in a couple of months. Still he never lost hope as he once again returned back to the streets where he had been chasing his dream before.

He spent quite a long time singing in the streets while begging for money to keep on chasing his dream. His tireless work of singing in the streets finally brought him back to his dream again.

In the clip below, we see Hubertus performing in an album called I Can Do This, which is a clear demonstration to us of what perseverance really is! He has spent a long time chasing for his dream, but with hope, he is assured of achieving what he is dreaming of.

What a perfect performance when he is singing “Hello,” a song by Lionel Richie.

Watch the clip below to see the performance and the large multitude of people donating him money to continue chasing his dream.

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