German Shepherd Approaches Baby, His Next Move.. I Have No Words For THIS…

When you have a baby in your home, you should be very careful especially when you want to bring a dog into your home. It’s crucial to ensure the environment is comfortable and safe for everyone in the house.

In this clip, we get to see a pretty German shepherd called Ryder. Ryder is protecting Madison, and yet it’s just Madison’s second day from the hospice. It is so good to see how this dog is doing his work. At first this dog did not want to be near the newborn, but he becomes free with his younger sister.

As explained by mom within this video, both parties have to be prepared before they can be left together. She explains further that they had trained their dogs before they had their newborn baby. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. She can trust the dog, but warns us that we should not leave children around the dogs when there is no one around.

What is your opinion concerning this story? Can you leave your kid for the dog to keep an eye on her? If you have any suggestions, then let us know. Kindly SHARE this clip with your Facebook friends!

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