Get Informed: “Super Lice” Are Becoming Epidemic In The USA!

It is not a rumor anymore, as it had been officially revealed that more than 25 states have been infected by “Super Lice” who are resistant to old-style methods of treatment.

This news that the lice are nor reacting to the chemicals used to kill them is terrifying parents in the whole country. It is shocking that the effective method that used to kill the lice is now rated 25% efficient. Surprisingly enough, hairstylists have also said that they have spotted them on adults too! A report released by According to Everyday Health, stated that when people share hairbrushes, combs, hats, clothes and towels, the head lice can be passed from one person to another. It also was revealed that pets cannot help in the spreading of the lice as they cannot fly or jump but crawl.

So what is the best way of removing them? According to most families, have opted to the option of visiting the lice clinics and using the new medicine called Airallé. The medication which has been accepted by the FDA is worth $170. However, the doctors’ advice is that preventing is better than having to cure. They advise that it is better to make your kids become aware of the risks of sharing personal items.

Also to identify these parasites, you make a vertical part at the nape of the neck and then taking a closer look by the help of a fine-toothed comb. Itching scalp can be another factor to consider when detecting them.

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