Get Up, Dust Off And Never Give Up Hope… This Is Why!

‘What doesn’t kill makes you stronger’ is a phrase that we, human beings, find very hard to live with. Sometimes in our lives, we get knocked real hard to the ground by life challenges. Life has its ups and downs and definitely, no one wants to experience the worst part of it.

This video clearly is an illustration on what and how we should do when we encounter such moments. Josh happened to have lost his father – the darkest part of his life. Josh came to experience the worst especially when he entered high school as he got bullied all because of his way of commemorating his father. Hurt and considered to be an outcast, Josh, unlike many kids of his age, would have sought to seek revenge or do some dreadful things like going to the worst part of it, suicide. But not for him, he fought back with a gesture that changed himself and the perception of everyone. He used kindness and he let nothing to stop him. He would literally hold doors and greet everyone in the school; everything came to change to a positive manner, a move that even made him to be crowned as the Prom King.

No one would have thought of Josh to be a public speaker but his personality changed many people on how they think and rethink of themselves. Now, he is a public speaker. He inspired many through a simple gesture of kindness.

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