How Would A GPS Give Directions Like A Southerner? Funny!

Life in the South is very different from the other parts of the country. In the South, people know their neighbors, the tea is tasty, food is fresh, and life if generally slow. Another unique thing about living in the South is how people give directions.

Southerners use interesting landmarks, markers, and instructions. It is funny how people never got lost. If a Southerner gave directions to a visitor, most of them would get lost.

Well, two men decided to use “Southern GPS” system in their car. Little did they know what they were getting themselves into.. Their confused reaction will leave you in stitches.

The GPS describes distances such as” hop-step-jump “or uses landmarks that a visitor would easily miss.  When the two men missed a landmark or an entrance, the GPS rerouting phrase was more hilarious. Despite having a GPS that was guiding the men, the two kept consulting each other.

To get the full details of the challenges of using a “Southern GPS,” play the silly video below.  We hope the two men got to their destination safe and sound.

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