Granny Gets A Moment Of Fame But Does Not Disappoint Viewers At Grand Ole Opry. Watch!

Any successful musician will tell you that getting invited to perform at the Grand Ole Opry is a dream that many wish to come true. When you get it, you do not waste a second on stage. Instead you take full advantage of every skill you got to make yourself shine. This is because you will probably come on that stage only once. So when on that day, of February 2016, Turner got his moment on the Opry stage, he did not waste it, he however went further than anyone else had ever done, and did something sacrificial and yet amazing.

He decided to invite his wife’s granny, 98-year-old Lois to come on stage and do the most amazing thing: To perform her best song that she has always dreamed of performing on such a big stage in front of thousands of high profile fans. The song she was going to perform was: How Great Thou Art. It was amazing to say the list. There are very few people who would do that to their grannies.

Josh Turner did and amazing thing or his granny Lois, as she gets a standing ovation from the viewers, you can just fill the love and care Josh had just displayed.

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