Groom and Bride Appear At The Altar, But Who Expected Her To Back Away? Surprise!

Brittany is a lover of sign language. The woman who lives in Dublin, Georgia has always loved ASL for several years now. She was about to be married and decided to add some unexpected twist on the day of their traditional wedding.

She planned to use ASL to “sing” a song which had a strong message for them as a couple. While they are still in their engagement, she had sort for the services of a sign language expert. The name of the expert was Nathan Roberts and she had enlisted those services so as to master certain signs. She wanted to surprise Evan on the big day and did her best to ensure everything could go as planned.

As days passed by and their wedding approached, Brittany spent most of her time practicing the performance and learning the signs.

In the clip below, we witness as Evan is given a lifetime surprise when the bride leaves the altar and does the unexpected. Even though he was aware of the events in the program, that is not what he expected to take place. His tears and those of the attending friends can tell the entire story.

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