This Guy Put His Life In Danger To Save An Elderly Woman From A Hurtling Train. OMG!

How many people would jump out of their car just to run into the middle of a train track and get hit by a fast train? None? Wrong!

I mean, would you risk such a scenario to save someone from certain death? Well, this guy did just that, and his bravery will leave you gasping. I can’t fathom!

This man was driving around in his car when he noticed an elderly lady trying to cross a train track. The woman couldn’t move fast since she was using canes to walk. On the other side, a train was hurtling towards her and with no indication of breaking slow. The man had to do something!

He rushed over to the track and tried to assist the lady to cross fast. But this woman was scared. I mean, here’s a stranger trying to grab her arm in the middle of a train track. Who wouldn’t get scared? However, the guy was determined to help her. Luckily, another man showed up and they both pulled the woman out of the way just in time for the train to blow past them. It missed them by whiskers!

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