Gwen Stefani Had To Stop The Concert For The Sake Of A Bullied Boy. Watch!

Gwen Stefani is a great star, an icon in the entertainment industry. That’s why thousands of people turn out wherever she throws a concert.

Just recently, Gwen was at Palm Beach, FL, doing a live performance. There was a great crowd to watch and cheer her, but one thing caught her eye. It was this mom standing in the middle of the crowd holding up a sign. Since she couldn’t read the sign from a distance, she called on the mom to go up closer. The message on the sign will make you stagger!

Turns out, the mom’s son had been bullied for years. Gwen invited the young guy to the stage and held up his hands in solidarity. She even invited them backstage and shared the story on her Facebook page. Apparently, it’s her songs that had kept the boy going whenever he felt pressed by the bullying. Stefani’s songs made him feel better. Cool!

Check out the full video here and get the whole story. It’s so inspiring I had to replay it a few more times. If this impresses you, be sure to SHARE it on Facebook too!

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