Hairy Husband Shaves After 20 Years, Even Wife Can’t Recognize Him. Watch!

For Jeff, donning a shaggy beard and long hair was his “swag” for the last 20 years. Jeff and Lori have been married ever since he was a clean-shaving young man.  At one point in his adult shagginess, Jeff decided to surprise his dear wife. Can you guess what he did?

He made up his mind and went for a clean shave. In the video, Jeff is on the Rachel Ray Show, and this is where Elena Linares is doing her stuff. Elena is the founder of the RazzleDazzle Barbershop based in Miami. She’s about to shave this guy and transform him into someone else that even his wife will find it hard to recognize!

Now wait for that special moment when the “new” man gets to come on stage after the “extensive operation.” You won’t even believe it. He’s so different and more handsome. He even gets emotional. His wife is stunned!

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