Have You Been Sleeping With Your Baby In The Same Bed? You Need To Know This!

Something is killing kids, and it’s called SIDS.

Some years back, the City of Bothell, WA, released this video, and it’s still very useful. According to KidsHealth, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the number one killer of children below 1 year of age.

This mostly happens when the infant gets suffocated or strangled in a bed full of heavy blankets, which occurs most especially when they share the same bed with the parents.

Detective Dione Thompson introduces the video, which then goes on to highlight some rules that a parent or guardian should follow to reduce this risk. They are called the ABC rules, which advocate for an infant sleeping alone, on their back and in their own space (crib). You see a mom sleeping on her bed alone and then she brings in her kid, and you can immediately tell there’s a risk introduced.

However, as much sharing a bed should be avoided, sharing the same room has been found to reduce the risk significantly.

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