Have You Ever Mixed Jell-O And Marshmallow In Water? The Result Is Wonderful!

If you are one of those guys who probably reside in the Northeast, I am quite sure that spring appears to be very far from now. Anyway, that does not stop us from preparing for the spring season. I actually refer to any excuse that will make something colorful and bright at the same time delicious.

Baker the YouTuber and Tammy a friend from Little Things have come up with an amazing treat which is great and simple. Tammy is well known due to her deserts. She is very good when it comes to making them look colorful. In this clip, you are going to watch another example of it.  Maybe you have marshmallows and jell-o around your house, but you don’t know what you can make out the two. This clip is going to show you how you can make wonderful “squisheroos.”

If you want an illustration of how you go about it step by step, then you actually need to watch this clip. It will guide you through the steps. As for me, I have to go and make this immediately since I really want “squisheroos.”

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