Having An Autistic Brother Is Not A Burden, In Fact It Is…Find Out Below. Unbelievable!

Do you have an idea of how is having an autistic member in the family? You need to watch this clip below.

The clip was shot by Spencer Timme, a San Diego resident who has autistic brother named Mitchel. While the two brothers are at the beach, just near the water, Spencer confesses that he is the only one who understands him perfectly. He goes on saying that Mitchel is very important to him and as a brother, he will always look after him.

He says that Mitchel is so important to him because he is a special person, not of his autistic condition but because he overwhelms him. He does amazing things like cooking, dancing, drawing, surfing and singing among others. But apart from all that, Spencer confessed that his specialness comes about by making anybody happy. Spencer says that thanks to his brother for he was the one who taught him to be understanding, patient and happy.

Apart from that, Spencer revealed that even though he is a bigger brother to Mitchel and protects him, he is his role model as he learns many things from him daily.
The concludes the video by saying that he thanks Mitchel for being a brother and a best buddy to him

Watch the full video below to really know how it feels to have a brother who is autistic.

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