He Almost Died After An Attack, What Happened Next Left Me Touched!

Back in 2004, Anthony Sukto was almost killed by a butcher’s knife. The 8-year-old boy was nearly stubbed to death by his own father who was holding the knife.

He was left bleeding profusely as his father ran away leaving him behind. Somehow, he managed to give 911 a call and described the attack.

He reported to the operator how he had been stabbed severally and that he needed an ambulance or Army men to come to his rescue. When he saw his father returning to the house a few minutes later, he knew he had to play dead if he was to stand any survival chances. It did not take long before a policeman came to his rescue.

Two years down the line after the incident, Anthony and the policeman who had rescued him were invited to Oprah’s show. Marks Eakes was the name of the officer and he came along with Jeff Colquhoun who was one of those who were present at the scene.

As we speak, Antony lives with Mark and is 18 years of age and is in high school. I couldn’t hold my tears as Anthony revealed the ordeal.

What touched me most is when the boy said he has forgiven him and will love to see him one day. Tony Sukto denied all the charges which had been filed against him and is currently in prison.

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