He Appears Like An Ordinary Boy. But What He Revealed? I’m SPEECHLESS!

Have you ever believed in past lives? If not, the story you are about to read will make you think otherwise or have something to debate about.

For those who have had the chance of being parents, they can tell you that kids can sometimes speak and do strange things. These parents were left worried when their son started talking about a certain woman named Pam. It troubled them more when the boy kept doing the same on a regular basis. This happened within Ohio.

When they insisted on knowing whom Pam was, the answer he gave them left them even more worried. He told them that he was the one called Pam – though he had been named that way while he was living in another life! He revealed to them how as an elderly woman he had got involved in a tragic accident and lost her life. The city he described was completely different from the one they were living in. This made his parents to believe in the existence of past lives!

Maybe it has some truth in it- I now understand why my nephew calls himself Batman. I need to seriously look into the matter!

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