He Attends A Gender Reveal Party, But He Has No Idea About This Until It Happens… See!

Kerstin had been fighting very hard to overcome infertility for four good years. Endometriosis was also a nagging issue. On July 4, 2016, something happened!

They were pregnant! A few weeks later, they wanted to throw a gender reveal party. Her father, Robert Paul, was the first to know the baby’s gender since he was the guy doing the ultrasound. But he had no idea what his daughter and her hubby were planning for him. I love this already!

So the day comes, and people are invited to the party. Kerstin and her hubby have chosen two names for their kid – one for a boy and another for a girl. They’ve even prepared two cakes – one to be brought out according to the announced gender. Robert is also present. What happens during this nice party is something that’ll steal your whole heart!

I won’t give it away. You just have to check this out and see for yourself. I can’t stop smiling. Watch Robert’s reaction when the surprise hits him. Wow!

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