He Build His Tiny Paradise On A Mountain’s Top. I Was Baffled When I Looked Inside!

This is part of Seeker Stories’ series known as “Going Off Grid,” in which Laura Ling is bringing to us stories of people who have gone off the grid. In this video, she had visited Mike Basich who is a professional snowboarder who has come up with his own tiny mountain cabin.

Mike had always dreamed to have his tiny paradise on top of the mountains. As a result, he decided to build himself one. He came up with a comfy 225-square-foot home near Truckee, CA that is built on 40 acres within the mountains. You may fail to discover lots of finer details once you visit his cozy home if he is not there to take you through.  The house gets its water from the nearby streams yet there is no plumbing within it. The lack of an indoor toilet and an actual shower is compensated by the outside hot tub. The shape of his cabin is also a thing that’s so interesting. You have to watch this to see the kind of explanation behind it.

You can imagine how Mike feels living off the grid surrounded by a world that can be best described as his playground. What do you think of his tiny paradise? Kindly SHARE your opinions by commenting below!

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