He Buys A Very Old Dresser, And Then Stumbles Into A Treasure. What He Does Next Is Breathtaking!

Even at 67, Emil Knodell’s luck hadn’t run out yet, and that become very much apparent when he bought a dresser at just $100. This happened in Bellville, Texas, but now everyone knows about this guy. You want to know this!

So it happens that there’s a yard sale, and Emil is in the mood to buy something, so he looks at a dresser and decides to take it home. Since it’s the third day of the sale and no one else has expressed interest in the dresser, the seller decides to give it away for $100. Emil pays on the spot and takes his thing with him. He’s about to bump into something!

With the help of his friend, he wanted to tip the dresser over, and that’s when they heard something. Turns out, there’s a secret drawer at the bottom. What’s in that drawer? Jewelry, cash and other valuable items. What a steal?!

But Emil isn’t the type of person to lay low and enjoy the treasure alone. He called the seller, who was the grandchild of the dresser’s original owner, and told him about the drawer. Emil wanted to return the chest to him, and that’s so good!

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