He Buys His Wife 500 Roses During Her Last Chemo Treatment. What A Day!

Cancer in the family is one of the toughest moments for any family. The thought of losing your loved one as you watch cancer take away their life slowly is unbearable. That is why in the video below, you can understand why a loving husband such as Alissa’s husband Bradd, could do something thoughtful and kind as the one shown in the video. He along with their teenage daughters, and close friends, came together and did something for Alissa, her fellow cancer patients, and the cancer research program.

Bradd decided to go to Facebook and explain what made him do what he did for his wife and for other cancer patients. He said that cancer treatment is toughest time for cancer patients and families. There is the pain and side effects of the drugs, and then there is the constant worry that the cancer might not be cured. It needs someone to be strong and the support the cancer patient gets from family members and friends means a lot.

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