He Can Afford His Meal But They Can’t Serve Him. Reason? We Need To Fight This!

Lately, the world has become full of injustices until you wonder where we are headed to. Josh is one of those who are hurt by what they see around and he’s on a mission to correct some of the injustices. He dresses like a homeless man and approaches various fancy restaurants to grab a meal. Though he makes it clear that he has the money, not a single person lets him in.

Hours later, he approaches the same restaurants, but dressing differently and driving a Ferrari. He’s now treated completely different by the same people who turned him away a few hours ago. He tells them it’s unfair to judge people by their looks because everyone in this world is equal and has to be treated equally.

Though it’s understandable that private enterprises may have the right of refusing service to anyone since their clientele might not be comfortable seated near people “that look homeless,” but aren’t we equal in this world? That’s the point Josh wants to prove. It’s clear most of these restaurants’ hosts are not the richest people around (according to me) yet they want to associate with only the rich.

I’m highly touched by the message Josh is spreading. I liked it when he tells them he was in a position to afford a meal when he came earlier on. What could have you done if you’re the one who had turned him earlier on? Let’s join hands and fight the injustices within our society.

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