He Comes On Stage And Flashes A Smile. And When The Music Starts, Even The Judges Can’t Ignore That!

It’s during an audition, that this guy comes on stage. The crowd can see him, but the judges can’t, because the whole setting is supposed to be a blind audition. He has to prove himself enough to have the judges turn to him. Can he?

The man is Edel Pierre from Paris, France, and he’s here to make his mark in Ukraine’s singing contest reminiscent of The Voice. When he walks in, the crowd is a little surprised by his tattoos that cover his whole body. May be he even looks like a freak, but all that flies away when the next thing happens, what?!

So the music starts, and Edel starts his thing. He’s singing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” and his voice is bringing down the house already! The judges can’t ignore such a voice. See what’s happening!

You’ll love this video, so go ahead and watch it to the last mark and join in the applause. You might even want to SHARE it on Facebook and let it wow your nice buddies too. Just do it, and drop a comment too!

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